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    kitkatkitty69-deactivated201307 asked Hi I'm a Pisces and the guy I like Is a Leo I'm just wondering about on ways to attract him and if were compatible?

    A Leo male and Pisces female are both die-hard romantics, but they lovce in different ways. The Leo male is passionate in every aspect. He gets his work done, plays hard, and loves in a way that everyone knows who his girl or guy is. The Pisces female, on the other hand, is a little more reserved, and shows her love behind closed doors. It isn’t any less passionate, she just tend to shy away from public displays of affection. 

    (I nearly quoted a Savage Garden song… ‘That’s why she shys away from human affection’ … It’s “To The Moon and Back”, great song, if you’re into weird music like I am.)

    Anyway, the breaking point would be his anger. He tends to get upset easily (and our flirting doesn’t help). Trying to soothe him doesn’t help much either. The best thing to do is let him get angry, blow off the steam, and see for himself how bad he got. He’ll apologize then.

    If you want to attract him, boost his confidence with a ton of compliments. Leo men like to be number one, so make him feel like it. 

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