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    Anonymous asked alright, so i am a Sagittarius female and i like a Male Leo, think it will last? i mean, so far so good, we arent together yet, but want to be and we have soooo many things in common and see eye to eye on pretty much everything.

    Well, that’s good to hear! Sagittarius and leo usually make a good couple. The two of them are action oriented and share fiery passion, as well as intuition that keeps them from picking someone less than favorable, so it’s hard for you two to go wrong.

    He’s gonna melt over you, partially because of how friendly you are to him, and the fact that you’re nearly fearless, and unafraid to speak your mind. It’ll give him an immense sense of admiration for you, which is saying something, since the Leo male prefers to be on the admirable side.

    While his courting style may be a little too conventional for you, his promises aren’t just cheesy and overdone romantics- they’re real. He’s gonna pamper you and make sure you know his shoulders, chest, arms, and smile are all for you, as well as his heart and mind. They’re reserved just for you, it would be against his loyal nature to stray even feet away from you.

    A few things to watch out for are his ego and your restlessness. If you’re too harsh on him, he’s gonna be crushed. And while he knows you won’t act on promiscuity, it doesn’t hurt to vow love to him as often as he will to you ;) 

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