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    Anonymous asked Will you please answer the Pisces male & Aquarius female compatibility ? please !!

    I could have sworn that I did this already, but I did P (F)/A (M) and P (F)/A (F).

    An Aquarius woman doesn’t commit to a man until she knows that he’s in it for the long haul, which includes becoming her best friend. Thankfully, the Pisces male wants to connect on all levels: heart, mind, body, and soul. He knows that him sacrificing his freedom for her is worth it, and he uses his great and stable attitude to reassure her that she needs not be so independent, that he wants to take care of her and love her entirely.

    Her antics and tomfoolery doesn’t faze him, but entertains him. The Aquarius woman’s quirky attitude can brighten her Fish’s day, and keeps a smile on his face. He’ll keep him happy with three key goals for their relationship: emotional bonding, loyalty, and ability to make independent decisions, though he may not like everything she decides to do. He’s submissive enough to let her do her thing though, and will be pleased to see her content in her independence.

    Arguing is a senseless thing in this relationship. No matter how upset one may get at the other (and they shouldn’t get too angry), both of them are going to be thinking about how much they want to hold and kiss each other. 

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