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    psychopathiccookie-deactivated2 asked Opinion on a Capricorn female, and a Leo male? :)

    Lovely Leo happens to have interest in a Capricorn man, but the reverse is a lot smoother than her new relationship will be. While Leo (f) and Cap (m) have communications issues and similar ways of loving, the Cap (f) and Leo (m) pair communicates better and expresses their love in a radically different way from one another.

    The Capricorn woman has a stubborn wall of attitude hiding away her pent up emotions. While she may seem strong and¬†resilient, a stronger man will appeal to her regardless. This Leo will help her change herself in baby steps over time, rather than forcing her to make a personality switch over night, something she’ll appreciate and love him more for. Not all Fire sign men are so patient. In return, she’ll listen to him and support him in all endeavors (though she might give constructive criticism that’s on the harsh side every once in a while). She’ll try to offer it in a way that won’t completely shoot him down.

    His warm personality and warm touch will keep her in a liquid state. He’s a charmer, but not a player. Whenever a tear escapes her steel armor, he’ll kiss it away and joke around to lift her spirits. He vows to protect his Capricorn woman from any ill that might befall her, but also get her to try something impromptu, to let loose a little, and not worry too much about consequences.

    Her logical mind may befuddle and confuse him, which makes the Lion feel stupid. This can anger him over time, but also causes him to rely on her praise. She doesn’t mind complimenting her man: in fact, she enjoys giving it when it’s rightly deserved, but if it becomes a constant request, she’ll become annoyed.¬†

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