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    Anonymous asked I'm a pisces female and interested in a sagittarius male but whenever we seem to get close he'll have a change of heart and become distant. Then I'll try and ignore him and he gives me his undivided attention. I give him his freedom but he's like a yo-yo

    Sagittarius men are emotionally immature. They can never decide whether they’re acting out because they truly love the person or want their attention. It’s not your fault at all. Though being too blunt with the Archer isn’t recommended, sometimes one must lay down the law. Let him know that you’re tired of games. If he reacts negatively, you’re probably better off. Pisces females and Sagittarius males can grow to love each other, but they play off of each other’s insecurities and feed them as well. It often leads to one or both of them feeling emotionally abused. 

    Trust me, I’m talking from a collective 3 years of experience.

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