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    Hi there, and thanks for stopping your scrolling for a brief moment to take a look at these pictures and read this “caption”.

    My name is Liam and I’m 30 years old. I am a transman who is trying to desperately raise money for a surgery that the medical profession sees as medically unnecessary. I’m trying to raise money for my top surgery to help me look like the man that I know that I am inside.

    I came out as transgender on January 11, 2011. Yes, 1/11/11, even I find that amusing. I’ve been living my life as a man for nearly 4 years, and I’m so much happier for it. On July 18th, I finally came out to my parents. I was blown away by their immediate acceptance and support of me being their son. It was rough, but I had an amazing woman behind me to support me through a moment that I thought would have me losing my family. She kept telling me that they would accept me and love me, and she was right. My parents are willing to help however they can, but with the current cost of medical treatments for my step-mom, financial assistance with my surgery isn’t an option. The side of my family that could help has turned their back on me years ago, and I don’t hear from anyone on that side anymore.

    My last fundraiser that I did, selling t-shirts, went better than I had hoped. In 30 days, I sold 30 shirts for a total of $200 towards my goal of $8000 for my surgery and the care needed afterwards. Total donations, to date, equal $400 and I am so very grateful. That leaves me with $7600 left to raise.
    My dysphoria levels vary from day to day. Some days, I’m good and have no problems. Other days, like today, I feel like I’m going to be stuck for the rest of my life and will never look like the man that I feel I am inside. I’m so very grateful for my girlfriend and her never ending patience, love, and support on days like today and every day. She sees me as a man, and she reminds me that I am a man. I’m a lucky man, and I know that she knows that I feel this way.

    So, my Tumblr friends, I’m asking for your assistance. Anything helps… even $1. If you can’t afford to donate, please share this. Please help me get the word out about my need for this life altering and saving surgery. The medical field, most of it at least, sees this as a cosmetic want type of surgery and not a life need. I want to look and feel like what everyone else sees when they look at me: A man, completely.
    Thank you for your time…

    Liam Aidan


    If you can find the time to reblog some of the nonsense that I reblog, please find the 2 seconds to hit the reblog button on this post. If nothing else, you get good karma point for helping a brother out.

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  2. *snap snap* Photo Op!

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  3. Pretty Pictures

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  4. Random Blah-Blahs

    I’m Up Still, So I Guess I’ll Start Now

    How long has it been been since the last time I wrote anything long and concrete about my day-to-day?

    *checks archive*

    June 21st, 2013. I am so sorry. That’s some shitty track record.

    1. I moved to Reno. Moving has had it’s ups and downs. On account of leaving my mother and sister behind, living with a now pregnant Aquarius friend and her Virgo fiance, and trying to balance two jobs that equally suck, I didn’t have time for much of anything anymore. I eventually left the first job and regretted it immensely as it paid the best. Buuuuuut, it was also the least appealing. I got hit on by awful people almost every day, fell for someone I really shouldn’t have (another Pisces- how about that?), and pissed off some higher-ups with my less-than-conventional methods of counseling. Everyone (with exception of my roommates) was happy when I left, so I think the sacrifice was worth it. I now work for a national nonprofit; even though the hours are shitty, I have a lot more fun, real responsibilities, and free weekends.
    2. I reconnected with my dad. I thought he was dead. Like, literally believed he would never be a part of my life again. And then my uncle gets a Facebook and mentions that he’s back on the tracks, sponsoring upcoming racers. So, I called him, on Father’s Day, in a state I would describe as “sloshed” and gave him a run for his money. And thankfully, he was more relieved to hear that I sound like him more than my mother. Along with the races and his name becoming well known in the area, he also settled down with a sweet Pisces woman (his jungle fever is still intact…), and has a Gemini step daughter and Aquarius step son (and a Pisces grandson on the way). They have a cute house in a quiet suburb, two independent businesses, and he’s been letting the cast and crew of Chop Shop use his shop for filming. Since we started talking again, I’ve been to see him in Los Angeles 4 times, the most recent time being this past Christmas/New Years. It’s been pretty great to get to know him as an adult- and finding out why my Aries moon is such a heavy influence in my personality!
    3. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday now*. I guess that’s better than hating Easter because of Peeps, right? So… I ended up getting tricked (for all intents and purposes) into carpooling with my mother and sister up to Humboldt to see Gemini Admin and his Cancer roommate. I’ll spare you the gruesome details**, but that’s the last time I’m taking such a needlessly stressful*** trip. It ended up being financially straining, emotionally tumultuous, and, [un]fortunately, a rather enlightening experience.
    4. I’m moving again! I just don’t know where this time. I’ve considered a local move- maybe into Midtown Reno. Mom wants me back in Sacramento. Dad wants me down in LA. I would rather be off the grid somewhere, or out of the US. Because of how chaotic things became this fall, I didn’t reapply for school- so, I’m bummed for missing another semester, and relieved that I have the freedom to GTFO. I can’t help but wonder what I’m subconsciously running from (other than my own sense of perpetual boredom).

    I guess that’s all the really big stuff for now. There are some tiny tidbits here and there (the pregnancy, some recent passing, a gnarly bout of manic depression, piercings/tattoos, and the resolution to become celibate), but they don’t necessarily have details attached to them: they just are.



    * Still, my turkey came out perfectly.

    ** I found out that I am really good at keeping my composure.

    *** I have a brand new level of disdain for fog, deer, and Olympus Has Fallen.

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  5. Random Blah-Blahs

    I’m starting to realize that my posts were more interesting when I was talking about specific relationships rather than giving vanilla compatibility advice for them.

    And pictures, I can’t forget the pictures.

    Maybe I’ll keep that up.

    I think I’d be more willing to keep up with this blog that way too.


    (I’d love story submissions more than asks too. That way everyone who wants to contribute can do so, instead of just admins :3)

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  6. Random Blah-Blahs

    Murry Krimbus!!!

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  7. Pretty Pictures

    Oh hey there *embarrassed as fuck*


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  8. Random Blah-Blahs

    Anonymous asked how are female gemini and female libra together? as friends, and maybe a little more?

    Gemini and Libra works, fixed sign Libra carves a path and mutable Gemini follows tenuously. But personally, I know shitloads of Gemini-Libra partnerships that last through thick and thin (including my own 5-year friendship with a certain Libra). The only thing that can break it is if Libra’s tendency to control comes out, directed at Gemini. Gemini haaaaaates that, and won’t tolerate it for too long. Longer than most, but never forever. But if Gemini can help balance the scales, and if Libra can realize how valuable that talent is, then it can work hella harmoniously.


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  9. Random Blah-Blahs


    Also I was smoking with my two Aquarius friends, who are together but not together. And I was laughing so hard because they started arguing over, not whether or not they’d kill someone, but what they would do after.

    This might be one of the most Aquarian posts ever.


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  10. Random Blah-Blahs

    Anonymous asked so its true then that two Pisces can't be together

    Well, I’m still very conflicted about this personally. When I am with a Pisces, its like having a living, breathing reflection of myself to observe. Sometimes, it reinforces what I, and others, like about me. And sometimes…it does just the opposite.

    I feel like this applies to a lot of same-sign couples. Sometimes similar is too familiar and can grow stagnant, annoying, or depressing. They’re predictable partners. Because of this, I can see why those who favor stability and don’t take to surprises (fixed signs like Taurus, Aquarius, etc.) could even thrive in that kind of partnership. But as am adventurous, free-wheeling, puzzle-loving Pisces, I’ll probably stick to Air and Fire signs.


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